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    wrs_main: check for stack overflow and detect reset · da3da2d9
    Adam Wujek authored
    Add checking stack overflow and detecting reset to wrs. Code common for wrpc
    and wrs is placed in system_checks.c and .h. Work is based on following
    commits in wrc_main.c:
    1704a668 main: check for stack overflow
    7836c39e Optionally detect reset and print a stack trace
    --update Kconfig to have a possibility to select CHECK_RESET also for switch,
      not only for node as before
    --and _endram to ram-wrs.ld
    When "stack overflow" occurs then message is printed once every second.
    When reset occours then LM32 will print stack trace and reset once more.
    NOTE: I couldn't get spll to work after reset, for sure problem is in
          ad9516 init function, but not only there.
    Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
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