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    dev/ep_pfilter: Updated filter rules for wr-nic (with etherbone) project. · 8accf456
    Miguel Jimenez Lopez authored
    	- Added the NIC_PFILTER configuration option in Kconfig to decide which filter rules will be used.
    	- Updated the dev/ep_pfilter.c file by using the CONFIG_NIC_PFILTER macro. This is done because packet filter does
    	not work correctly if we write all rules in the CONFIG_ETHERBONE section.
    	- We do not use the DROP instruction because all other packets go to NIC core.
    	- The filter rules to the wr-nic do not have the DROP instruction because all traffic
    	does not go to the LM32/Etherbone is re-direct to the NIC by default.
    	- The NIC_PFILTER configuration option depends on ETHERBONE one.
    	- Magic number of Etherbone packets is not checked due to the number of rules. (The packet filter is not able to classify correctly)
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