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    softpll: trivial header cleanup (needed for next commit) · 8103ed49
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    This commit has no effect on the final binary file.
    The state structures for softpll_ng must be accessed by tools/wrpc-dump,
    so we need them in an header (not in sofpll_mg.c itself).
    Unfortunately, struct softpll_state includes a lot of other structures,
    so all dependent headers must be included by softpll_ng.h.  Thus,
    all C files should now include softpll_ng.h alone, not the other ones.
    I also had to remove inclusion of unneeded <stdint.h> and <stdlib.h>
    from spll_common.h, because stdlib pulled the prototype for abs()
    which is #defined in ppsi (my bad!), and we would have a build error.
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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