1. 26 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      wr_date.c: Add option · 6f18a2ac
      Jean-Claude BAU authored
      The -n option in the wr_date tool is used for a dry run. It execute the
      code without applying changes in the system and the hardware.
      However calling "wr_date -n set host" was not setting the date but
      applying the TAI offset. To make things more consistant, a new option
      has been added. Calling "wr_date set host tai" now sets only the TAI
      The wr_date script has been changed to take into account this
      modification of the behavior.
  2. 03 Jun, 2019 3 commits
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      [Issue:#196] WR time not set properly in GM mode · f7c33411
      Jean-Claude BAU authored
      1/ wr_date script:
      - Started before PPSi
      - Set number of NTP retries to 10 if GM otherwise 1. GM info is
      extracted from dot-config
      - Clock source is controlled directly with wr_date tool
      - Can be started any time without any risk to set a wrong date (see
      point 2)
      2/ wr_date
      - 'set host' parameters take into account the time mode ( FR: set
      sec+ns, BC: time cannot be set, GM: set seconds only+wait to be in a
      middle of a second)
      - function substrat_substrat() moved to time_lib.h. Also used by wr_mon
      3/ wr_mon
      - Print TAI-UTC
      - Update Timing Mode & PLL locking state displayed values
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      init.d: wr_date: fix issues #189 when retrieving NTP in GM mode · c9664ba4
      Benoit Rat authored
      - Check if we are in GM mode, if yes :
          - wait GM to be locked
          - Disable WR as kernel clock source
          - Increase retries for NTP
      - Retries x time NTP until setting host time:
          - Set date from host to WR
          - Enable (back) WR as kernel clock source
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      tools/init.d: wr_date: fix back TAI offset in kernel · 06636adb
      Benoit Rat authored
      Fix TAI offset into kernel was done withing get function but this has
      been removed in commit #91f4c8d. As it is still needed by slave, we
      force its use using -n option. This will only fix tai offset into kernel
      without applying ToD to WR/FPGA time.
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  7. 05 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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      userspace: fix wr_date to mark tai_offset even at startup · 0098a6bb
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      Also, run "wr_date get" at boot once, so it parses leap-seconds.list
      and configures the kernel for the proper tai_offset.
      With the previous commit it worked with "wr_date get tohost",
      becase after the host is correctly in 2014 or so, all leap seconds are
      in the past.  But if we are not synced, the host is in 1970 and
      no leap second has already happened.
      If this code is unchanged in 2018, we'd better be off by 2 seconds
      than 37, so if linux reports a date earlier than 2014, use 2014 and
      fix tai_offset at 35.
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
  8. 14 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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