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      rootfs: fix overwriting hwinfo during switch update (buildroot) · 88d2e085
      Adam Wujek authored
      When switch's firmware with buildroot older than 2016.02 was updated via
      copying wrs-firmware.tar with buildroot at least 2016.02 to the
      /update partition, then hwinfo in the flash was overwriten.
      Such behaviour was caused by crashing during execution of /wr/bin/sdb-read.
      Crashing sdb-read caused the following if's condition from the file
      /etc/init.d/hwinfo to be false.
      if /wr/bin/sdb-read /dev/mtd5ro > /dev/null; then
      This triggered later overwrite of hwinfo partition.
      /wr/bin/sdb-read was crashing because during update the binary /wr/bin/sdb-read
      was called from just extracted firmware. Problem pops up when libraries
      required by sdb-read are in the different versions in the old and the new
      firmware. Unfortunatelly, this problem cannot be easily solved, since we cannot
      change the update procedure in already installed firmware (the one that is
      performing update).
      Implemented solution does the following:
      --change the name of /wr/etc/sdb-for-dataflash to /wr/etc/sdb-for-dataflash.bin
        by this /etc/init.d/hwinfo script exits with an error without modification
        to the hwinfo partition.
      --rename link /etc/rcS/S90hwinfo to /etc/rcS/S10hwinfo, which will trigger
        update of hwinfo partition earlier during the boot.
      --restart switch after update of hwinfo in the flash
      --remove calls of /etc/init.d/hwinfo during the update
      Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
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