Commit ebc15714 authored by Jean-Claude BAU's avatar Jean-Claude BAU

WR profile: Force asymmetryCorrectionEnable to true

As HA profile, the WR profile must always have the  asymmetryCorrection
parent 071254d3
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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ function print_header() {
echo -e "\nconfig PTP_SLAVE_ONLY" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\tdepends on PTP_OPT_EXT_PORT_CONFIG_ENABLED=\"n\" " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\tbool \"slaveOnly\" " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\tdefault false" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\tdefault n" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\thelp" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\t A slaveOnly Ordinary Clock utilizes the slaveOnly state machine" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\t which does not enable transition to MASTER state." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
......@@ -155,9 +155,9 @@ function print_instance_header() {
echo -e "endchoice" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " depends on PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_HA=\"n\" " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " depends on !PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_HA && !PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_WR" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"asymmetryCorrectionPortDS.enable\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " default true" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " default y" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " help" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " When supported, the value TRUE shall indicate that the mechanism of for the calculation" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " of the <delayAsymmetry> for certain media is enabled on the PTP port." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
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Subproject commit 98746394741105f243e968b82504495b71b97fb0
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