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doc: final updates for v4.0 release

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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
@setchapternewpage off
@set update-month July 2014
@set update-month August 2014
@c the release name below is substituted at build time
@set release __RELEASE_GIT_ID__
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
This document describes the software build procedures for the White
Rabbit Switch. The procedure described is for version 3.3 of the
hardware project and post-v3.3 software package.
hardware project and the official v4.0 release of the software.
If you are running the official 3.3 release, please
refer to the associated manual (at
......@@ -1416,8 +1416,8 @@ binaries you just compiled (but the script is not compiling gateware).
If the variable is not set, the script extract a tar file downloaded
from @code{} as part of the initial download step. The tar is
currently called @code{wrs3-gw-v3.0-20120801.tar.gz} and has been
build from the @code{wr-switch-sw-v3.0} of the @code{wr-switch-hdl}
currently called @code{wrs-gw-v4.0-20140807.tar.gz} and has been
build from the @code{wr-switch-sw-v4.0} of the @code{wr-switch-hdl}
repository. Please note that the repository uses @i{git} submodules,
so it depends on other @code{ohwr} repositories too, which in turn
have not been tagged because the submodule mechanism ensures you'll
......@@ -1431,9 +1431,8 @@ The LM32 program is provided as a pre-compiled binary in
If you need to rebuild the @t{rt_cpu.bin} file from source, to make
your own modifications, you can run @t{make wr_switch_defconfig}
in @i{wrpc-sw} and then @t{make}. The exact commit identifier
is stored in the binary itself, and you can get it back using
``@t{strings binaries/rt_cpu.bin | grep wrpc}''.
in @i{wrpc-sw} and then @t{make}. Please checkout the @code{wr-switch-sw-v4.0}
tag to get the exact commit.
@c ==========================================================================
@node The Complete Filesystem
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