Commit 78458a66 authored by Jean-Claude BAU's avatar Jean-Claude BAU Committed by Adam Wujek

Add l1SyncOptParamsTimestampsCorrectedTx parameter in the configuration

This new parameter is used to control the configurable parameter
L1SyncOptParamsPortDS.timestampsCorrectedTx when
L1SyncBasicPortDS.optParamsEnabled is set to true.
parent 6870ebbc
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......@@ -298,6 +298,15 @@ function print_instance_header() {
echo -e " help" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " The Boolean attribute optParamsEnabled specifies whether the L1Sync port transmitting the L1_SYNC" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " TLV extends this TLV with the information about the optional parameters." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " depends on PORT${1}_INST${2}_L1SYNC_OPT_PARAMS_ENABLED=\"y\" " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"L1SyncBasicPortDS.timestampsCorrectedTx\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " default n" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " help" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " When L1SyncOptParamsPortDS.timestampsCorrectedTx is TRUE, " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " the L1Sync port shall correct the transmitted egress timestamps with " >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " the known value of the phase offset." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
function print_instance_footer() {
Subproject commit fd1c5d4c7a7ae987dced72ec6b1cb329da85f42f
Subproject commit 6f34537dd49160d9f76e92e6799be15d017babee
......@@ -385,7 +385,8 @@ declare -A inst_dotc_ppsi_key_mapping='(\
[BMODE_MASTER_ONLY]="masterOnly" \
[EGRESS_LATENCY]="egressLatency" [INGRESS_LATENCY]="ingressLatency" \
[L1SYNC_ENABLED]="l1SyncEnabled" [L1SYNC_INTERVAL]="logL1SyncInterval" \
[L1SYNC_RECEIPT_TIMEOUT]="l1SyncReceiptTimeout" [L1SYNC_OPT_PARAMS_ENABLED]="l1SyncOptParamsEnabled" \
[L1SYNC_RECEIPT_TIMEOUT]="l1SyncReceiptTimeout" \
[L1SYNC_OPT_PARAMS_ENABLED]="l1SyncOptParamsEnabled" [L1SYNC_OPT_PARAMS_TS_CORRECTED_TX_ENABLED]="l1SyncTimestampsCorrectedTxEnabled" \
[L1SYNC_TX_COHERENCY_IS_REQUIRED]="l1SyncTxCoherencyIsRequired" \
[L1SYNC_RX_COHERENCY_IS_REQUIRED]="l1SyncRxCoherencyIsRequired" [L1SYNC_CONGRUENCY_IS_REQUIRED]="l1SyncCongruencyIsRequired" \
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