Commit 61a3abba authored by Jean-Claude BAU's avatar Jean-Claude BAU

Improve kConfig menu

- Remove HA profile. Can be re-enabled easily in the script
- Add extra help to externalPortConfiguration
parent 16d9eeaa
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......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ function print_header() {
echo -e "\tdefault true" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\thelp" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\t This option is used by the high accuracy profile to force the port state." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\t When set, BMCA is disabled." >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\t For more details please refer to the IEEE 1588-20019 (clause 17.6.2)" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\nconfig PTP_SLAVE_ONLY" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
......@@ -133,15 +134,11 @@ function print_instance_header() {
echo -e "\nchoice" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " prompt \"Profile\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " default PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_WR" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " config PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_PTP" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"PTP\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " config PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_WR" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"WhiteRabbit\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " config PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_HA" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"HighAccuracy\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " config PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_CUSTOM" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"Custom\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " default PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_$defaultProfile" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
for profile in $profileList; do
echo -e " config PORT${1}_INST${2}_PROFILE_$profile" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e " bool \"${profileNames[$profile]}\"" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "endchoice" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
echo -e "\nchoice" >>$OUTPUT_FILE
......@@ -333,6 +330,13 @@ declare -A port_rx=(
[13]=229225 [14]=229463 [15]=229850 [16]=229907 [17]=230106 [18]=230273
# Profile configuration
profileList="PTP WR CUSTOM"
declare -A profileNames=(
[PTP]="PTP" [HA]="High Accuracy" [WR]="White Rabbit" [CUSTOM]="Custom"
for i_port in {01..18}; do
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