Commit 2f92685c authored by Grzegorz Daniluk's avatar Grzegorz Daniluk

binaries: remove at91boot and barebox since we build them from sources every time

We also provide them each time with the release binaries available on OHWR.
parent c13dcf1a
......@@ -1135,9 +1135,6 @@ evaluation board without even changing the board name):
The script @i{wrs_build_at91boot} uncompresses, patches and builds, leaving
@code{images/@-at91bootstrap.bin} after it is over. This file is
the one to be loaded in the hardware.
For simplicity, a known-working binary is part of the @i{binaries}
directory of this package as @code{at91bootstrap.bin}, the same name used
later in the installation instructions.
If you build using a local @i{git} repository, we suggest to use
@code{git am --whitespace=nowarn} because we have a number of
......@@ -1216,11 +1213,6 @@ in two lines with a local variable to fit the page with in documentation):
export CROSS_COMPILE=${BR}/output/host/usr/bin/arm-linux-
@end smallexample
A pre-built binary is available as @code{binaries/barebox.bin}.
The ELF version is copied to @i{images} as well, as
@code{images/barebox}; this file includes the symbol table and may (or
may not) be useful.
@c ==========================================================================
@node The Linux Kernel
@section The Linux Kernel
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