Commit 2f1d333d authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

nic/Makefile: trivial Makefile and empty files.

The empty files in here are the way I had split the nic driver, the
Makefile is a standard thing for modules. Depends on $LINUX being set
parent f0189770
obj-m := wr-nic.o
wr-nic-objs := module.o device.o nic-core.o endpoint.o ethtool.o \
pps.o timestamp.o dmtd.o
# Try to force a -I from ../wr-headers. Note that this is re-run from $LINUX
WR_NIC_DIR ?= $(shell /bin/pwd)
export WR_NIC_DIR
EXTRA_CFLAGS := -I$(WR_NIC_DIR)/../wr-headers
# What follows is standard stuff
export ARCH ?= arm
all modules:
-C $(LINUX) SUBDIRS=$(shell /bin/pwd) modules
# We might "$(MAKE) -C $(LINUX)" but "make clean" with no LINUX defined
# is sometimes useful to have
rm -f *.mod.c *.o *.ko .*cmd Module.symvers modules.order *~
rm -rf .tmp_versions
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