Commit 06d5b527 authored by Adam Wujek's avatar Adam Wujek 💬

kernel/wr_pstats: get rid of undefined function warning

get rid of warning:
WARNING: "wr_nic_pstats_callback" [/home/awujek/wrs/wr-switch-sw/kernel/wr_pstats/wr_pstats.ko] undefined!
Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <>
parent a09d7a16
......@@ -8,5 +8,5 @@ all modules:
$(MAKE) -C $(LINUX) SUBDIRS=$(shell /bin/pwd) modules
rm -f *.mod.c *.o *.ko *.i .*cmd Module.symvers modules.order *~
rm -f *.mod.c *.o *.ko *.i .*cmd modules.order *~
rm -rf .tmp_versions
0x00000000 wr_nic_pstats_callback /home/awujek/wrs/wr-switch-sw/kernel/wr_nic/wr-nic EXPORT_SYMBOL
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