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FMC Clocking WR (FCWR) Tests
In order to test the FCWR, the user should :
1. Plug the FCWR on a ZCU102 evaluation board
2. Follow the instructions provided in the next sections
> **NOTES**: This document has not been created as a step-by-step guides but as some guideline for expert user to run the tests.
Tests tools
WR Switch v4 Hardware
Repository that contains the files related to the hardware of the new WRS v4.
FMC Clocking WR Prototype
A preliminar board has been designed to evaluate a new clocking scheme before integrating it into the schematic of WRS-v4.
All source codes used to perform tests and analysis of the timing performance can be found in the `FCWR_tests` folder.
> **NOTE:** The source code is given as is and as been designed just for testing purpose without limited documentation for final use. We do not recommend to use the FMC WR clocking in production environment.
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