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    scripts: update with final binaries for v3.0 · 89c77c22
    Benoit Rat authored
    - spec-init.bin is now using spec-init.bin-2015-09-18 (new golden
    bitstream for SPEC with flash interface)
    - wr_nic_lm32_sw.bin has been rebased on top of proposed_master and
    include wrnic pfilter (wr-starting-kit-v3.0)
    24657bb22f8c97c58de6077b202559f1  spec-init.bin
    4862f18ff41a303a34da31f58fd51db5  wr_nic.bin
    418c18af8289186f197c54f6d75fd1d7  wr_nic_dio.bin
    59b9305d5a1bc2d25d07865b710c50ad  wr_nic_lm32_sw.bin
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