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......@@ -225,6 +225,7 @@ in the package[^standardssk] :
* 1x LC-LC cable (2m)
* 3x LEMO cable (2m)
* 3x LEMO-BNC Adaptor
* 1x Pre-installed live-USB (Ubuntu 14.04)
![The components of the starting kit](img/ssk_components.jpg)
......@@ -253,11 +254,32 @@ the [FMCDIO] outputs.
![The UART use a mini-USB cable to communicate](img/ssk_usb.jpg)
Pre-Installed Live-USB
In our latest WR package we also provide a Live-USB (Ubuntu 14.04) pendrive with
the drivers & tools pre-installed.
In order to run the Live-USB from the pendrive you need to modify the
BIOS of your PC to enable booting from USB.
In the most recent BIOS you will find a `Boot options menu` by pressing
tipically `F10`, `F11` or `F12` during the startup of the PC.
Otherwise you might need to modify the Boot priority in the BIOS Configuration. To do so restart your computer, and watch for a message telling you which key to press to enter the BIOS setup. It will usually be one of F1, F2, DEL, ESC or F10. Press this key while your computer is booting to edit your BIOS settings. Once you are in the BIOS configuration, look for something similar as `Boot` > `Boot Order`. You should see an entry for `removable drive` or `USB media`. Move this to the top of the list to make the computer attempt to boot from the USB device before booting from the hard disk. If you still having trouble do perform this step please search on the web how to `Boot from USB` using your BIOS manufacturer as keyword in the research.
Once Ubuntu has started you should select your own language, and click
the `Try Ubuntu Live` options, then you can go directly to the
[Setting Master & Slave using White Rabbit Core Section](#setting-master-slave-using-white-rabbit-core)
If you prefer to use the WR Starting Kit with your own PC you need to
follow the installation steps in the [next section](#installation).
> Notes: If you are running the Live-USB pendrive you should skip this
Once you have your system running with the boards plugged, you need to:
* Check that the boards has been detected
......@@ -265,6 +287,7 @@ Once you have your system running with the boards plugged, you need to:
* The drivers : `spec-sw`
* The HDL bitstream of [SPEC+FMCDIO]: `wr-nic`
SPEC detection
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