Commit 845f589d authored by Miguel Jimenez Lopez's avatar Miguel Jimenez Lopez

Add note about RTT, FW and BW delays in the stamp-frame tool section.

Update stamp-frame test results.
parent 013a557a
......@@ -1166,13 +1166,13 @@ few seconds; the
timestamp T1: 13.225249168
timestamp T2: 9.130237600
timestamp T3: 9.140438816
timestamp T4: 13.235559016
round trip time: 0.000108632
forward time: -5.904988432
backward time: 4.095120200
timestamp T1: 40.229249168
timestamp T2: 25.340447600
timestamp T3: 25.340468816
timestamp T4: 40.229469040
round trip time: 0.000198656
forward time: -14.888801568
backward time: 14.889000224
The code in `stamp-frame`
......@@ -1186,7 +1186,11 @@ send another message which carries the departure time of the previous
frame. This further message is usually called *follow-up*,
and `stamp-frame` respects this tradition.
> ***Note:*** Round trip time (RTT) is calculated with formula RTT = (T4-T1)-(T3-T2),
> Forward (FW) and Backward delays (BW) are computed using FW = T2-T1 and BW =
> T4-T3 formulas respectively. In unsynchronized scenarios FW and BW delays
> could present opposite signs because of the subtraction of timestamps from different
> devices whose time bases are unrelated.
Forwarding train of pulses
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