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doc: improve calibration and other small corrections

- correct error in fiber delay
- correct reference to wrpc
- correct ref to fmc-bus
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......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ conditions
1.1 26/07/2013 Benoit Rat\ Correct errors in submodule init
[Seven Solutions]
2.0 26/07/2013 Benoit Rat\ Updating for v2.0 release
2.0 15/05/2014 Benoit Rat\ Updating for v2.0 release
[Seven Solutions]
......@@ -623,7 +623,6 @@ you should now obtain something like this on `dmesg`:
Setting Master & Slave using White Rabbit Core
......@@ -1128,10 +1127,10 @@ tools/stamp-frame: Using interface wr1, with all timestamp options active
timestamp T1: 1891.948736656
timestamp T2: 1892.038390176
timestamp T3: 1892.048625152
timestamp T4: 1891.958972320
round trip time: 0.000000688
timestamp T4: 1891.959080320
round trip time: 0.000108688
forward time: 0.089653520
backward time: -1.910347168
backward time: -0.089544832
This is done four times: departure and arrival of the forward frame, followed
......@@ -1408,7 +1407,7 @@ The result of this experiment is illustrated by the next figure where
you can see the 3 PPS signals: yellow for [WRS], blue and violet for
![WRS PPS vs Starting Kit PPS](img/ssk_wrspps.jpg)
![WRS PPS (yellow) vs Starting Kit PPS (blue & violet)](img/ssk_wrspps.jpg)
The distance between each PPS might be reduced by the improving the
calibration which is the subject of the next section.
......@@ -1436,9 +1435,15 @@ captured by the oscilloscope.
> **Notes**: Please check that you are using the values that correspond
to your gateware release. When this document was generated we refer as
wr-nic-v2.0 (starting kit).
wr-nic-v2.0 (starting kit). You can also check using the `ver` command
if the corresponding embedded LM32 corresponds to your gateware version
(i.e, wrpc-v2.1-for-wrnic lm32 is embedded in wr-nic-v2.0).
wrc# ver
WR Core build: wrpc-v2.1-for-wrnic
## List your actual sfp database
wrc# sfp show
......@@ -1446,8 +1451,8 @@ wrc# sfp show
wrc# sfp erase
## Add the parameters for the SFP provided in the starting kit
wrc# sfp add AXGE-1254-0531 46407 167843 73622176
wrc# sfp add AXGE-3454-0531 46407 167843 -73622176
wrc# sfp add AXGE-1254-0531 121751 95827 64481496
wrc# sfp add AXGE-3454-0531 121751 95827 -66584558
Do not forget to also add the proper calibration values to your other
......@@ -1456,6 +1461,11 @@ WR equipments (i.e, [WRS]) as explained in the wiki page.
You might also check the [wrpc.pdf] for extended explanations on how to run
yourself the calibration procedure.
> **Notes**: Please check that the master board has a valid t42p written
in its EEPROM. This value must be obtained by first connecting this
board in slave mode to a working WR master. For more information read the
[wrpc-v2.1.pdf] page 7.
SPEC+DIO as grandmaster
......@@ -2027,8 +2037,10 @@ References
[Seven Solutions]:
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