Commit 6ee2da49 authored by Benoit Rat's avatar Benoit Rat

scripts: add sudo to write in depmod config

parent 40d2c21d
......@@ -129,19 +129,14 @@ checkdrv()
if (lsb_release -a 2>&1 | grep Ubuntu &> /dev/null); then
echo "Forcing depmod.conf to look into";
if (lsb_release -a | grep Ubuntu); then
echo "Forcing depmod.d/ubuntu.conf to look into extra folder";
cat /etc/depmod.d/ubuntu.conf | grep extra &> /dev/null
if [ "x$?" != "x0" ]; then
echo "Adding extra to depmod.conf search path in order to force looking at our installed modules"
sed 's/built-in/extra built-in/g' -i /etc/depmod.d/ubuntu.conf
sudo sed 's/built-in/extra built-in/g' -i /etc/depmod.d/ubuntu.conf
echo "Creating dependancies... (This can take some time)"
echo "sudo depmod -a"
sudo depmod -a
......@@ -248,7 +243,7 @@ genreport()
echo "WARNING: Installation skipped"
cat /sys/module/fmc/version
cat /sys/module/fmc/*version
for fmcmod in $(find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name fmc.ko); do
echo ${fmcmod}
strings ${fmcmod} | grep version=
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