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Documentation: update relevant instances of wr-starting-kit-v3.0 to wr-starting-kit-v3.1

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......@@ -445,7 +445,7 @@ includes the [spec-sw] project.
>:$ cd wr-starting-kit
## Checkout the stable release
>:$ git checkout -b wr-starting-kit-v3.0 wr-starting-kit-v3.0
>:$ git checkout -b wr-starting-kit-v3.1 wr-starting-kit-v3.1
Now you should execute the Makefile that should perform everything!
......@@ -832,7 +832,7 @@ wrc2# gui
WR PTP Core Sync Monitor wr-starting-kit-v3.0
WR PTP Core Sync Monitor wr-starting-kit-v3.1
Esc = exit
TAI Time: Thu, Jan 1, 1970, 02:01:57
......@@ -864,7 +864,6 @@ Update counter: 7
You can see that the slave node is locked, calibrated and that the phase tracking is enabled.
> ***Notes:*** We also recommend you to set up an init script if you do not want to repeat these operations at each reboot. You can look at the [wrpc.pdf] for more information and use the `init show` command to check the one you have running.
......@@ -1622,9 +1621,9 @@ gateware. However if you compare these PPS with the one of the switch
and you do not obtain a delay similar as the one in the WRS figure above
you might need to calibrate the [WRS] and/or the [SPEC+FMCDIO].
The wr-starting-kit-v3.0 release has been calibrated for you for the SFPs
The wr-starting-kit-v3.1 release has been calibrated for you for the SFPs
provided to you. The values of the calibration parameters that you need to use
with the wr-starting-kit-v3.0 can be found in the wiki page:
with the wr-starting-kit-v3.1 can be found in the wiki page:
If you are using a release version of the WRS, it has been also calibrated for
......@@ -1639,12 +1638,12 @@ captured by the oscilloscope.
> ***Note:*** Please check that you are using the values that correspond
to your gateware release and the hardware version of SPEC/FMCDIO. We reference
the gateware corresponding to this version of the document as
wr-starting-kit-v3.0. Specific hardware versions are 4.1 for SPEC and 2.0 for
wr-starting-kit-v3.1. Specific hardware versions are 4.1 for SPEC and 2.0 for
FMCDIO. You can check the version of the gateware you are running with the command ver".
wrc# ver
WR Core build: wr-starting-kit-v3.0
WR Core build: wr-starting-kit-v3.1
## List your actual sfp database
......@@ -1746,7 +1745,7 @@ Run in standalone
You can run GM in a full standalone mode in order to transmit WR clock without the need of a PC.
First you need to flash the SPEC with the latest `wr_nic_dio.bit` bitstream you can find in the package:
And you also need to download a pre-formatted sdbfs partition: [sdbfs-standalone-160812.bin]
......@@ -2169,7 +2168,7 @@ References
[wr-starting-kit-v3.0_bin.tar.gz]: <>
[wr-starting-kit-v3.1_bin.tar.gz]: <>
[sdbfs-standalone-160812.bin]: <>
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