Commit 18c71bf2 authored by Benoit Rat's avatar Benoit Rat

all: move submodules to proposed_master or final branch

Also add .gitignore files for stuff generated for kernel compilation
parent ec329802
Subproject commit cf911ce26c101943edd5b0c6db360dc563147051
Subproject commit eea7bfc82e4cb3554d4343d93dfa75773d7b2fc2
Subproject commit a301a69e45ca608b6d20c3843d95343bb326decf
Subproject commit e76f5ca3bcda171318757b603abca131712d086e
Subproject commit c26a9ff989db7d0ac0a6a4872bd0fcb81fdb29a1
Subproject commit 2ff6c419ea4a23cb9ffc043f6c03d831e81f9f2f
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