Commit 096fa3a8 authored by Miguel Jimenez Lopez's avatar Miguel Jimenez Lopez

wr-ssk-get: Update binaries name for firmware installation step.

parent 7651125f
......@@ -106,7 +106,11 @@ insthdl()
if [ ! -d ${installdir} ]; then
sudo mkdir -p ${installdir}
sudo cp -v ${DOWNLOADDIR}/spec-init.bin ${DOWNLOADDIR}/wr_nic_dio.bin ${installdir}
sudo cp -v ${DOWNLOADDIR}/spec-init.bin \
${DOWNLOADDIR}/wr_nic_dio.bin \
${DOWNLOADDIR}/wr_nic.bin \
${DOWNLOADDIR}/wr_nic_lm32_sw.bin \
wr_echoret $? "OK" "ERROR"
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