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initial version of the new repo layout

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[submodule "hardware"]
path = hardware
url = git://
[submodule "gateware"]
path = gateware
url = git://
[submodule "software"]
path = software
url = git://
This meta-project contains the submodules used by the WR DDS (RF Over Ethernet) system. These are:
hardware/ - the FMC DDS 600m card sources (schematics & PCB design)
gateware/ - the Mock Turtle/WR Node Core HDL repository (framework HDL & DDS HDL Core)
software/ - the Mock Turtle/WR Node Core software repository (realtime firmware, driver & tools)
- a reasonably fresh versin of Linux (tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
- an LM32 toolchain. You can get one from here:
- Xilinx ISE 14.7
Where to find what:
HDL top levels:
- gateware/hdl/top/svec/wr_d3s_test (for SVEC carrier, DDS mezzanine in slot 1)
- gateware/hdl/top/svec/wr_d3s_test (for SPEC carrier)
HDL ISE projects:
- gateware/hdl/syn/svec/wr_d3s_test (for SVEC carrier, DDS mezzanine in slot 1)
- gateware/hdl/syn/svec/wr_d3s_test (for SPEC carrier)
HDL DDS Mezzanine Core:
- gateware/hdl/rtl/wr_d3s
Realtime Software & Tools:
- software/applications/wr_d3s/rt
Building this stuff
HDL: just open the ISE project and synthesize.
gateware @ 57feacea
Subproject commit 57feacea81ddf573180b6694e06c428838142d6e
hardware @ 7ebede5a
Subproject commit 7ebede5a65ae104ea1723c608ff7a9ceee4ebf7f
# A script for loading the DDS gateware/software/drivers on CERN VME Crates
# FPGA firmware path
# WR Core firmware path
# SVECs to load the firmware to
SVECS="0 1"
rmmod wr-node-core
rmmod svec
cd /usr/local/drivers/svec
sh ./
cd /usr/local/drivers/mturtle
for s in $SVECS; do
echo "Loading FPGA for SVEC LUN=$s"
dd if=$FW of=/dev/svec.$s obs=50000000 >& /dev/null
insmod wr-node-core.ko
cd /user/twlostow
mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug/
/usr/local/bin/svec-wrc-loader -a $WRPC_FW
software @ e28bd00c
Subproject commit e28bd00c28850395cec1c75d15701e321db35c5b
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