Commit eadd9cca authored by Maciej Lipinski's avatar Maciej Lipinski

wr_streamers: fixed bug that would break fixed-latency when incorrect timestamp

The fixed-latency mode was triggered in the case of receving incorrect
timestamp. This was not correct.

the incorrect_timestamp bit was not evaluated when arming fixed
latency mechanism. This could cause an erronous timestamp to
trigger fixed-latency mechanism
parent a00be25c
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ begin
rx_timeout_o <= '0';
delay_arm_p <= fifo_valid and fifo_target_ts_en; --ML need to add "not fifo_target_ts_error"?
delay_arm_p <= fifo_valid and fifo_target_ts_en and not fifo_target_ts_error;
fifo_rd <= '0';
rx_valid <= '0';
rx_late_o <= '0';
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