Commit d8c76720 authored by li hongming's avatar li hongming Committed by Grzegorz Daniluk

add cute_core_ref_top for ngc generation for LHAASO

parent 88fbebf8
target = "xilinx"
action = "synthesis"
syn_device = "xc6slx45t"
syn_grade = "-3"
syn_package = "csg324"
syn_top = "cute_core_ref_top"
syn_project = "cute_core_ref.xise"
syn_tool = "ise"
modules = { "local" : "../../top/cute_ref_design/"}
As there are thousands of nodes in LHAASO project, we merge the WR function with
user module into one FPGA. So they just need the cute_core. The
syn/cute_core_ref is used to generate the ngc for them.
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