Commit 6426d212 authored by Maciej Lipinski's avatar Maciej Lipinski

[VXS support] Synthesis for VXS

added ISE project file (*xise) because synthesis of VXS require
special configuration, otherwise ISE returns internal error.
This special configuration is added XST command line option:
" -use_new_parser yes". It can be added by clicking the top
hierarhy file (vxs_wr_ref_top.vhd) in the "Design Manager", the
right-click on "Synthesis -XST" in "Processes" window, from
drop menu chose "Process Properties - Synthesis Options" and
then input " -use_new_parser yes" on "Other XST Command Line
parent 654f0387
target = "xilinx"
action = "synthesis"
# XC5VLX50T-1FFG1136C
syn_device = "XC5VLX50T"
syn_grade = "-1"
syn_package = "FF1136"
syn_top = "vxs_wr_ref_top"
syn_project = "vxs_wr_ref.xise"
syn_tool = "ise"
modules = { "local" : "../../top/vxs_ref_design/"}
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