Commit 3dcac448 authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

hdl: update gn4124 core to bring in latest stability fixes for SPEC ref design

parent d702dc9e
Subproject commit 3899b6ae77e00dbbe216de94336ca1496c44b040
Subproject commit b57528861e0ee8351b87dc3d4ec4da6a118b4a48
......@@ -308,7 +308,6 @@ NET "gn_p2l_clk_p" TNM_NET = "gn_p2l_clkp_grp";
NET "gn_p2l_clk_n" TNM_NET = "gn_p2l_clkn_grp";
TIMESPEC TS_cmp_gn4124_core_cmp_clk_in_P_clk = PERIOD "cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/cmp_clk_in/P_clk" 5 ns HIGH 50%;
NET "gn_rst_n" TIG;
NET "cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/rst_*" TIG;
#Created by Constraints Editor (xc6slx45t-fgg484-3) - 2011/01/20
NET "cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/cmp_clk_in/P_clk" TNM_NET = cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/cmp_clk_in/P_clk;
#Created by Constraints Editor (xc6slx45t-fgg484-3) - 2011/02/04
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