Commit eeffa1ce authored by Grzegorz Daniluk's avatar Grzegorz Daniluk

efts2016: fixes

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......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@
\begin{block}{Enhanced with}
\item L1 syntonization
\item Layer 1 syntonization
\item Digital Dual Mixer Time Difference (DDMTD)
\item Link delay model
......@@ -306,6 +306,11 @@
\item semi-static hardware delays: $\epsilon_M$, $\epsilon_S$
\item fiber asymmetry coefficient: $\alpha = \frac{\delta_{MS} - \delta_{SM}}{\delta_{SM}}$
Calibration procedure to find $\Delta_{TXM}$, $\Delta_{RXM}$,
$\Delta_{TXS}$, $\Delta_{RXS}$ and $\alpha$.
......@@ -323,9 +328,9 @@
\item central element of WR network
\item Central element of WR network
\item 18 port gigabit Ethernet switch with WR features
\item optical transceivers: up to 10km, single-mode fiber
\item Optical transceivers: up to 10km, single-mode fiber
\item Fully open design, commercially available
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