Commit d82153e7 authored by Adam Wujek's avatar Adam Wujek 💬 Committed by Grzegorz Daniluk

docs/specifications/management: update wrs_failures with portSfpError

Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <>
parent 4bc4b141
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ WR network.\\
\item {\bf Detected SFP not supported for WR timing}
\item [] \underline{Status}: TODO \emph{(allow disable checking if not WR-ports)}
\item [] \underline{Status}: DONE
\item [] \underline{Severity}: ERROR
\item [] \underline{Mode}: \emph{all}
\item [] \underline{Description}:\\
......@@ -190,18 +190,8 @@ WR network.\\
\texttt{WR-SWITCH-MIB::portSfpError.<n>}\emph{(not implemented)}
\item [] \underline{Note}: HAL provide this info to the shared
memory, so in general we build a per-port structure describing
SFP info:
\item SFP ID (e.g. AXGE-1254-0531) \emph{(available via halshm)}
\item Matched ? (to SFP database entries)
\item Gigabit ? (based on supported speeds read from i2c eeprom)
\item portSfpError ? (true when port configured as a WR but not in DB or not GbE)
WRS configuration should also allow to disable this check on some ports.
\item [] \underline{Note}: WRS configuration allow to disable this check on some ports.
That is because ports may be used for regular (non-WR) PTP
synchronization or for data transfer only (no timing). In that case any
Gigabit SFP can be used (also copper). Detecting if a non-Gigabit
......@@ -682,7 +672,7 @@ wrs- devmem 0xfffffd04
\texttt{WR-SWITCH-MIB::portSfpError.<n>}\emph{(not implemented)}
\item {\bf File system / Memory corruption}
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