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...@@ -204,23 +204,6 @@ ...@@ -204,23 +204,6 @@
\end{block} \end{block}
\end{frame} \end{frame}
\begin{frame}{White Rabbit technology}
\begin{block}{Based on}
\item Gigabit Ethernet over fibre
\item IEEE-1588 protocol
\begin{block}{Enhanced with}
\item Layer 1 syntonisation
\item Digital Dual Mixer Time Difference (DDMTD)
\item Link delay model
\begin{frame}{Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588)} \begin{frame}{Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588)}
\begin{columns}[c] \begin{columns}[c]
\column{.4\textwidth} \column{.4\textwidth}
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