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papers/IBIC2013: use common figures

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THBL2.pdf :
ps2pdf -dEmbedAllFonts=true THBL2.pdf : THBL2.dvi
dvips THBL2.dvi -j0-D600 -o
THBL2.dvi: THBL2.tex
latex THBL2.tex
latex THBL2.tex
rm *.aux *.dvi *.log *.pdf *.ps
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%% This file has been developed as a common template for papers
%% destined for electronic production using Adobe Acrobat
%% software for Accelerator Conferences
%% See the JACo Website for more information
% Special thanks to John Jowett and Michel Goossens from CERN and
% Martin Comyn at TRIUMF for their significant contributions to
% this class file over the period 1996 to 2000.
% John Poole
% March 2000
% JAC2001.cls is a modified version of JAC2000.cls to produce indented
% first paragraphs after section, subsection and subsubsection headings.
% Martin Comyn April 2001
% This is a modified version of JAC2003.cls to adjust space around
% section and subsection headers to be more consistent with JACOW Word
% templates.
% Todd Satogata March 2011
\def\docdate {2011/03/06}
\ProvidesClass{JAC2003}[\filedate\space Version \fileversion]
\typeout{Setup for US LETTER PAPER}}
%% This option draws a box on the output text with the correct margins
{\special{!userdict begin /bop-hook{
58 55 moveto
58 737 lineto
539 737 lineto
539 55 lineto
}def end}}
%% Using Times fonts produces a Uniform, compact document
%% suitable for the Acrobat Software and printable anywhere.
%% In a 'modern' TeX installation
%% e.g TeXLive Version 3 or later (more information on the JACo Website)
%% one can use the following command
%% Older installations may require
%% \RequirePackage{times}
\typeout{LaTeX2e Class file for Accelerator Conference publication for LaTeX2e users}
\typeout{ }
\typeout{Use the boxit option to draw a box on page showing the correct margins}
\typeout{ }
\typeout{Itemize, Enumerate and Description environments are compact versions}
\typeout{ }
\hoffset -25.4mm
\voffset -25.4mm
\columnseprule 0pt % Width of rule between columns.
% Use Michel Goossens' dense lists
% Prevent infinite loops
\let\Otemize =\itemize
\let\Onumerate =\enumerate
\let\Oescription =\description
% Zero the vertical spacing parameters
% Redefine the environments in terms of the original values
% We acknowledge the borrowing of the clever part of
% Steven Gildea's definition of \section
% from geophysi.sty.
% \section is tricky because we want to both support \section* and have
% the section title uppercased.
\def\@sections#1{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}
{2.0ex plus 0.8ex minus .1ex}{1.0ex plus .2ex}
% Should there be any problem with this, we can revert to the following
% but then the onus is on the user to type the argument of \section in
% uppercase in the input file.
%\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{2.8ex plus 0.8ex minus.1ex}
% {1.5ex plus .2ex}{\large\bf\boldmath\centering}}
\def\subsection{\@startsection{subsection}{2}{\z@}{1.4ex plus .8ex minus
.17ex}{0.8ex plus .17ex}{\large\it}}
{2.5ex plus .7ex minus .17ex}{-1em}{\normalsize\bf}}
{paragraph}{4}{\z@}{2.5ex plus .7ex minus .17ex}{-1em}{\normalsize\it}}
{subparagraph}{4}{\parindent}{2.25ex plus .7ex minus
% This definition of \maketitle taken from article.sty, and has been
% somewhat modified.
to 5pt{$^{\@thefnmark}$\hss}}
\newlength{\titleblockheight} % so user can change it if need be
\def\@maketitle{\vbox to \titleblockheight {\hsize\textwidth
\linewidth\hsize \vskip 3pt \centering
{\Large\bf \@title \par}
\vskip 2em % Vertical space after title.
{\large\begin{tabular}[t]{@{}c@{}}\@author \end{tabular}\par}
% The \copyrightspace command is used to produce a blank space in the first
% column where a copyright notice may go. It works by producing a
% blank footnote of the appropriate size. Note that it should appear
% after any \footnote commands that produce footnotes for the first
% column. Adjusted to leave just 1cm.
\def\copyrightspace{\footnotetext[0]{\mbox{}\vrule height 1cm width 0pt}}
% Redefine to use smaller fonts
\def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus .07em}
\parindent 1em
\leftmargini 2em
\leftmarginv .5em
\leftmarginvi .5em
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