Commit ae0a7e80 authored by Javier Serrano's avatar Javier Serrano

Incorporate feedback from Maciej

parent 3bc23746
......@@ -123,8 +123,8 @@
% \textcolor{white}{dddd dsaf asd fasd fdsa fads f dsa fdsa f dsaf dsa fdsa f dsaf dsaf fds}
\item Initiated to renovate CERN's and GSI's accelerator
timing systems
\item Initially meant for Big Physics facilities/projects: CERN,
GSI, Nikhef\ldots
\item \textbf{Based on well-established standards}
\item Ethernet \textcolor{gray}{(IEEE 802.3)}
......@@ -420,4 +420,14 @@
\begin{frame}{Stay in touch}
If you prefer to just be notified of important announcements, you can
subscribe to the very-low-traffic mailing
list. Send an email to
and I will include you in the list.
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