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\item Central element of WR network
\item 18 port gigabit Ethernet switch with WR features
\item Optical transceivers: up to 10km, single-mode fiber
\item Optical transceivers: up to 10km, single-mode fibre
\item Fully open design, commercially available
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\begin{block}{Distributed Direct Digital Synthesis}
\item Replaces dozens of cables with a single fiber.
\item Replaces dozens of cables with a single fibre.
\item Works over big distances without degrading signal quality.
\item Can provide various clocks (RF of many rings and linacs)
with a single, standard link.
......@@ -499,6 +499,30 @@ PC.
%For more information see
\begin{frame}{Food for thought/discussion}
\item Can precise synchronisation play a role in security?
\item Monitoring network latency?
\item Monitoring program execution times?
\item Complementing other sources of time (e.g. GPS) for
redundancy in applications calling for robust time distribution?
\item What about security in IEEE-1588 itself? Four-prong
approach in new revision of the standard:
\item Integrated security mechanisms (authentication and
integrity of messages through encryption).
\item External transport security mechanisms (MACSec, IPSec).
\item Architectural mechanisms (e.g. redundancy).
\item Monitoring and management.
\begin{frame}{Need more information?}
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