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A (very) first go at the slides for the cRIO-WR meeting

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\title{White Rabbit status and roadmap}
%\subtitle{WR status and roadmap}
\author[J. Serrano] % (optional, use only with lots of authors)
{Javier Serrano}
\institute{CERN BE-CO\\Hardware and Timing section}
\date[23 June 2015]{Geneva, 23 June 2015}
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% - At *most* three subsections per section.
% - Talk about 30s to 2min per frame. So there should be between about
% 15 and 30 frames, all told.
% - A conference audience is likely to know very little of what you
% are going to talk about. So *simplify*!
% - In a 20min talk, getting the main ideas across is hard
% enough. Leave out details, even if it means being less precise than
% you think necessary.
% - If you omit details that are vital to the proof/implementation,
% just say so once. Everybody will be happy with that.
\section{Some background}
\begin{frame}{White Rabbit Switch}
\item Central element of WR network
\item Original design optimized for timing, designed from scratch
\item 18 1000BASE-BX10 ports
% \item Capable of driving 10 km of single mode fiber
\item Open design (H/W and S/W)
\item Commercially available
% \item 200 ps synchronization accuracy
\begin{frame}{White Rabbit Switch inside}
\begin{frame}{WR Node example : SPEC board}
\begin{block}{FMC-based Hardware Kit}
% \item Carrier boards in PCI-Express, VME, PXIe
\item All carrier cards are equipped with a White Rabbit port.
\item Mezzanines can use the accurate clock signal and ``TAI''
\\ (synchronous sampling clock, trigger time tag, ...).
\begin{frame}{White Rabbit PTP Core}
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