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Second review.

parent b683077a
......@@ -106,14 +106,17 @@ Done.
0.12. In the description of all files, there exists section "dependencies", It
does not seem to be appropriately filled in. Remove it from all files or
fill in appropriately.I recommend the former.
Done: Removed.
0.13. git blame shows that there is not much left from the original code of
Pablo and Davide, add the other contributors as authors to appropriate
files (possibly all)
Done (Authors removed).
0.14. The descriptions in the files (which is currently the only documentation)
is written in poorly English that is hard to understand. It seems to be
is written in poor English that is hard to understand. It seems to be
out-of-date. It should be thoroughly reviewed. In comments to particular
files I point out unclear text. I also included some corrections in
xvme64x_core_pkg.vhd and vme64x_pack.vhd:
......@@ -131,6 +134,7 @@ VME64xCore_Top.vhd
-- The Input signals from the WB bus aren't registered indeed the WB is a
-- synchronous protocol and some registers in the WB side will introduce a
-- delay that make impossible reproduce the WB PIPELINED protocol.
TBC: in the UG.
b) why do you say about FIFO if it is not implemented?????
-- The WB protocol is more faster than the VME protocol so to make independent
......@@ -141,20 +145,25 @@ VME64xCore_Top.vhd
-- solution is better than the solution with FIFO.
-- In this base version of the core the FIFO is not implemented indeed the 2e
-- access modes aren't supported yet.
Done (Removed).
c) could you elaborate on this:
-- To access the CR/CSR space: AM = 0x2f --> this is A24 addressing type,
-- SINGLE transfer type. Base Address = Slot Number.
In the UG.
2.2 [L:101]the document says "-- last changes: see log." -> what log??? you mean
git? (it is similar in many files)
Log removed.
2.3 [L:367]use new private library for internal components, do not refer directly
to "work.VME_Funct_Match" etc
Why ?
No components.
2.4 [L:367-397] There is a dedicated module that is used in many projects for
synchronizing input asynchronous signals. It seems to include the same
functionality as the module used here gc_sync_register. My suggestion is
to use the same module as the other projects and think about removing
gc_sync_register from general cores.
Less warnings than gc_sync_ffs.
......@@ -165,13 +174,16 @@ VME_bus.vhd
-- The Access decode component decodes the address to check if the board is
-- the responding Slave. This component is of fundamental importance, indeed
-- only one Slave can answer to the Master!
b) in the top file, it is written that WR Pipelined is not possible, here
you say it is, I do not understand
-- In the right side you can see the WB Master who implements the Wb Pipelined
-- single read/write protocol.
c) I do not understand this:
-- [...]; only one FPGA at time can
-- carry the vme64x core or other similar VME slave core.
3.2 the description of behavior concerning VME_AS_n_i is inconsistent with
the code [L:304 and 355]. In particular, the description says about
acting upon rising/falling edge, while the condition is not detecting edge.
......@@ -179,16 +191,19 @@ VME_bus.vhd
re-entered when VME_AS_n_i is kept LOW all the time. I do not know which
behavior is correct (possibly, the description is wrong and the
implementation OK)
3.3 [L:497] the input signal VME_DS_n_i is already synchronized with the
clock domain. There should be no metastability problem. And if there was
metastability problem, such a metastability would affect also VME_IACKIN_n_i
and VME_IACK_n_i that go through the same synchronization chain and are
used directly in the FSM. I would remove the comment.
Explained: DS is 2 signals.
4.1 [L: 13] missing description, at least one sentence, please :)
4.2 [L:94-114]: the code optimization in this process deteriorates code
readability. I would recommend to rewrite the code a bit to make it clear
what happens,i.e.:
......@@ -235,11 +250,14 @@ VME_IRQ_Controller.vhd
-- The interrupter wait the IACKIN falling edge in the IRQ state, so if the
-- interrupter don't have interrupt pending for sure it will not respond
-- because it is in IDLE.
Done. Doc in UG.
5.2 [L:156-158] I do not understand the second part of this sentence
-- Interrupts are automatically masked for g_RETRY_TIMEOUT (i.e. 1 ms) once
-- they are acknowledge by the interrupt handler until they are deasserted
-- by the interrupter.
TODO: rephrase.
5.3 [L:159-225] It seems to me that these two process should be a single FSM
Works both ways.
5.4 [L:190] either remove "fsm" from the process name, or make it a real FSM.
......@@ -249,6 +267,7 @@ VME_User_CSR.vhd
6.1 The information in this description should be also in the top module
and/or in any other documentation that will be created. A developer who
takes a top module should not be forced to go here to read this info
Doc in UG.
......@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ begin
if rising_edge(clk_i) then
if rst_n_i = '0' or VME_AS_n_i = '1' then
-- FSM resetted after power up,
-- FSM reset after power up,
-- software reset, manually reset,
-- on rising edge of AS.
s_conf_req <= '0';
......@@ -309,8 +309,9 @@ begin
case s_mainFSMstate is
when IDLE =>
if VME_AS_n_i = '0' then
-- if AS falling edge --> start access
-- Can only be here if VME_AS_n_i has fallen to 0, which starts a
-- cycle.
assert VME_AS_n_i = '0';
-- Store ADDR, AM and LWORD
s_ADDRlatched <= VME_ADDR_i;
......@@ -326,10 +327,6 @@ begin
s_mainFSMstate <= IRQ_CHECK;
end if;
s_mainFSMstate <= IDLE;
end if;
-- Reformat address according to the mode (A16, A24, A32)
-- FIXME: not needed if ADEM are correctly reduced to not compare
......@@ -701,7 +698,8 @@ begin
s_mainFSMstate <= WAIT_END;
when others =>
s_mainFSMstate <= IDLE;
-- No-op, wait until AS is released.
s_mainFSMstate <= WAIT_END;
end case;
end if;
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ begin
irq_pending_o <= s_irq_pending;
-- Interrupts are automatically masked for g_RETRY_TIMEOUT (i.e. 1 ms) once
-- they are acknowledge by the interrupt handler until they are deasserted
-- they are acknowledged by the interrupt handler until they are deasserted
-- by the interrupter.
p_retry_fsm : process (clk_i)
......@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@
-- unit name: xvme64x_core (xvme64x_core.vhd)
-- author: Tomasz Wlostowski <>
-- description:
-- This core implements an interface to transfer data between the VMEbus and
......@@ -259,7 +257,7 @@ begin
d_i(0) => vme_i.write_n,
q_o(0) => s_vme_write_n);
-- The two bits of DS are synchronized by the vme_bus FSM. Instantiate two
-- synchronizer to make clear that they should be considered as independant
-- synchronizers to make clear that they should be considered as independant
-- signals until they are handled by the FSM.
inst_vme_ds0_resync: entity work.gc_sync_register
generic map (g_width => 1)
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