Commit f9505f15 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

Greg review update.

parent 250f7da5
......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
-- vme64x_pack.vhd --
- line 44:
rename c_CLOCK_PERIOD to something like c_default_CLK_PERIOD
because as far as I've seen in the code, that's what it is, a default clk
period value assigned to g_CLOCK_PERIOD if user does not overwrite it.
- line 55:
c_ADEM_M is a type not a constant, rename it to t_ADEM_M
- cleanup, remove types that are not used e.g. c_ADER_C_XAM or c_ADER_C_AM
......@@ -26,12 +30,21 @@
-- VME64xCore_Top.vhd --
- if g_WB_DATA_WIDTH must be 32-bit, then don't make it a generic, just use
everywhere c_DATA_WIDTH declared in the package
- the same for g_WB_ADDR_WIDTH (see also comment for VME_bus.vhd)
- prefix Wishbone ports with "wb_"
- if you make VME_bus.vhd with reset active low, then you don't need s_reset
signal anymore (see also comment in VME_bus.vhd).
-- VME_bus.vhd --
- prefix Wishbone ports with "wb_"
- either fix adr_o handling or remove g_WB_ADDR_WIDTH because setting anything
else than 32-bit to g_WB_ADDR_WIDTH will result in synthesis/simulation error
- why reset is active high (rst_i) and not active low like in all other modules?
- constant num_latchDS misses "c_" prefix
- line 431: 3 nested if-s. How about simplifying to:
if decode_done_i = '1' and decode_sel_i = '1' and module_enable_i = '1'then
......@@ -74,3 +87,9 @@
- line 170:
very very tiny thing, retry_count can be cleared always when we're in
WAIT_IRQ (not only inside the _if_). This simplifies an already simple fsm.
-- simulation --
- general-cores submodule in wrong location. Move it from hdl/sim to
ip_cores/general-cores like we have for all the other repos.
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