Commit e2e454af authored by serrano's avatar serrano

Minor point about VME_bus.vhd

git-svn-id: 665b4545-5c6b-4c24-801b-41150b02b44b
parent 2abc15a6
......@@ -26,6 +26,21 @@ logic placed *before* these FFs. In general, all inputs to the core
should be sampled before using them, and all outputs should be the
result of clocking in I/O FFs.
There is a comment at line 527 saying:
-- If the S_FPGA will be provided to a core who drives these lines
-- without
-- erase the A_FPGA the above mentioned lines should be changed to 'Z'
-- !!!
This should probably change to become a generic so that people can
decide on the behaviour they want. It will then be more visible, not
hidden in the middle of the code. The sentence itself it quite
cryptic. This core should not assume it is used in a board with a
S_FPGA and a A_FPGA.
......@@ -76,8 +91,3 @@ state (until AS goes up) and any INT_Req pulse will go through the
sampling but in a transient way, i.e. it will not "stick" and we will
lose it. This behavior should be documented so that users of the core
- Check licensing in sources.
- Check the reset signals.
- See if the main state machine can be stuck somewhere.
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