Commit b67a8929 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

Update review status.

parent 20f51d45
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ about simulatin will come first):
folder is out-of-date.
I see several improvements that are spread among several points below.
OK: let's follow this convention.
Done: let's follow this convention, with a README.
0.2. I would recommend to follow our folder convention (which used to be on and which is now gone, probably due to migration, so I copy+paste
it at the end of this file). Using this convention would require the
......@@ -33,10 +33,10 @@ about simulatin will come first):
a) change /documents to /doc
b) change hdl/sim to hdl/testbench
c) keep vme64x_bfm in hdl/sim/vme64x_bfm if this is a
model of the vme64x (I do not know because it is undocumented)
0.3. the arrangement of simple_tb is confusing: first I thought that the folder
"modelsim" contains some modelsim-specific stuff. Again, how should I know
if there is no description/documentation/README. I'd recommend to do one
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ about simulatin will come first):
a) move content from hdl/sim/simple_tb/modelsim/ to hdl/sim/simple_tb
(preferred if there are no plans to add simulation for other tools)
b) add README explaining this structure
Done: Add a README.
0.4. hdl/sim/simple_tb/modelsim/ is not working [committed fix]
0.5. It would be extremely useful to have some waveforms when running simulation.
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ about simulatin will come first):
signals. Ideally, the documentation provided to the user would match the
waveform so that when a developer runs the simulation, he can easily map
the output to the documentation.
OK with b).
Done: your file was cherry-picked.
0.6. Add general-cores as submodule in /hdl/ip_cores [committed]
even if vme64x is never used standalone and general-cores are used in this
project only when running simulation, I would still include it as submodule
......@@ -64,9 +64,9 @@ about simulatin will come first):
know which ip_cores and which version he/she needs
b) to make the simulation easier to to run
c) it seems to be a general policy
0.7. README in the main directory is completely out of date !
0.8. /documention folder:
- the notes from the 2012 review should stay,
Still in the repo.
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
+ capital or small case file names?
The same case, lower case.
+ ...
- does not strictly follow proposed folder structure
See Maciej comment
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