Commit 1ce0c1bf authored by twlostow's avatar twlostow

Tom's 5 cents (review)

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parent 497d1b9d
(!) - serious
(m) - medium
(_) - cosmetic
(o) - optimization
- (m) avoid std_logic_unsigned/std_logic_arith libraries. These are Synopsys's own libraries
(although widesperad and more-or-less supported by every tool), being slowly phased out.
Use numeric_std instead, which the official standard.
- (m) comment ports and generics in each module.
Top Level:
- (_) Process at lines 530+: I would place it in VME_bus. This way the top level module will only
act as an interconnect putting together all VME core components.
- (!) place "KEEP" attribute in synchronizer chain modules to make sure Xilinx's software wont
try to optimize/merge them. Switch off LUT-based shift register inference for these blocks.
- (_) I would recommend grouping the ader/amcap/xamcap ports into an array of records, this makes the code
much easier to read and maintain.
- (!) process driving cardsel and base_addr: sequential nonblocking assignments are potentially
dangerous - you are relying on assumption that if any of bits in s_func_sel is 1, cardsel (previously set
to 0) will be overwritten by the loop. It's safer to use variables and blocking assignments in such cases.
- (o) provide a generic allowing for reduction of device functions. In most cases, we need only 1 A24/A32/D32 BAR.
Decoding and storing BAR configurations takes large percentage of the FPGA resources consumed by the VME core.
- (m) lines 223+ (case statement) wouldn't it be simpler to do the slicing / zero padding in case statement or adjust
the constants in the package file instead of appending zeroes and slicing in each case entry?
- (m) GADER_1 loop: please put a single-line comment describing what the generate loop does.
- (!) line 235: is reset signal active low or high?
- (m) don't comment out code that is not used. Just remove it.
Coding style:
- (_) pass the code via indenting tool (emacs Ctrl-C/Ctrl-B for example)
- (m) _i/_o/_b suffixes on ports, g_ prefixes on generics, c_ prefixes on constants
- (_) avoid comments that do not provide any useful information (for example:
"----------------- entity declaration --- (lots of dashes....)" followed by "entity (".
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