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added diff for PCB, non electrical changes

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This document describes changes on the PCB compared to REVA that are not mentioned
on the first page of the REVB Schematic:
- AUX1 connector is moved towards the front panel edge to not interfere with the VME64x connector on the VME carrier
- AUX1 connector is "sinked" into the PCB similarly as HEX switches to decrease height
on the top side of the board and stay inside allowed envelope (this was issue on the carriers
where all four PMC headers were mounted)
- USB connecors for USB microcontrollers and JTAG are moved towards the center of the board for about 0.4mm.
Previously connector metal was more than 1mm over the edge of the board and this could
interfere with the neigbouring board in case one (or two) FTRNs would be mounted on PMC carrier with
two slots where gap between PMC boards is 1mm.
- fixed DSH1 silkscreen (diode direction)
- SFP cage stays in the same position, but prior to mounting one of the cage pins will have to be removed
because it interferes with front panel metal
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