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To be most effective, the ring oscillator must be placed close to the delay line of the same channel.
\section{Host interface module}
The optional host interface module connects the TDC core to a Wishbone bus. It is a separate top-level entity named \verb!tdc_hostif! that instantiates \verb!tdc!. It implements a Wishbone slave interface, which is automatically generated with \verb!wbgen2!.
It supports a maximum of 8 channels. The debug interface of the TDC core is also exposed through the Wishbone interface. Interrupts are generated at the end of the startup calibration, on a coarse counter overflow, and after each transition of the input signals.
Generics and ports should be self-explanatory. Refer to the documentation generated by \verb!wbgen2! for a description of the registers and interrupts. Run the \verb!! script to generate the \verb!wb! file for \verb!wbgen2!.
\bibitem{s6hdl} Xilinx, \textsl{Spartan-6 Libraries Guide for HDL Designs}, \url{}
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