doc: include pictures

parent a3f76f56
all: tdc.pdf testreport.pdf
tdc.pdf: tdc.tex
pdflatex $<
pdflatex $<
rofreq1.eps rofreq1.tex rofreq2.eps rofreq2.tex: rofreq.csv
rofreq1.pdf: rofreq1.eps
epstopdf rofreq1.eps
rofreq1_pdf.tex: rofreq1.tex
cat rofreq1.tex | sed s/".eps"/".pdf"/g > rofreq1_pdf.tex
rofreq2.pdf: rofreq2.eps
epstopdf rofreq2.eps
all: $(PDF)
rofreq2_pdf.tex: rofreq2.tex
cat rofreq2.tex | sed s/".eps"/".pdf"/g > rofreq2_pdf.tex
%.pdf: %.tex
testreport.pdf: testreport.tex rofreq1_pdf.tex rofreq2_pdf.tex rofreq1.pdf rofreq2.pdf
pdflatex $<
pdflatex $<
rm -f $(PDF) $(AUX) $(LOG)
rm -f tdc.pdf tdc.aux tdc.log
rm -f rofreq1.eps rofreq1.tex rofreq2.eps rofreq2.tex
rm -f rofreq1_pdf.tex rofreq2_pdf.tex
rm -f rofreq1.pdf rofreq2.pdf
rm -f testreport.pdf testreport.aux testreport.log
.PHONY: clean
......@@ -5,7 +5,10 @@ set border 3
set xtics nomirror
set ytics nomirror
set terminal epslatex
set datafile separator ","
set output "rofreq1.eps"
set title "Dependence of ring oscillator frequency on temperature (channel 1)"
set datafile separator ","
plot "rofreq.csv" using 1:2
set output "rofreq2.eps"
set title "Dependence of ring oscillator frequency on temperature (channel 2)"
plot "rofreq.csv" using 1:3
\title{TDC core test report}
\author{S\'ebastien Bourdeauducq}
\date{November 2011}
\caption{Floorplan of the delay lines and ring oscillators in FPGA Editor.}
\caption{Input signal path in FPGA Editor.}
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