Calibration formulas

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\section{Calibration mechanism}
In the formulas below:
\item $T_{sys}$ is the system clock period.
\item $H(n)$ is the number of hits in the histogram for bin $n$.
\item $W(n)$ is the width of bin $n$.
\item $C = \displaystyle\sum\limits_{n} H(n)$ is the total number of hits in the histogram.
\item $R(n)$ is the time stamp of an event whose signal propagated up to bin $n$. The LUT contains the function $R$.
\item $f$ (respectively $f_{0}$) is the current (respectively reference) frequency of the online calibration ring oscillator.
\subsection{Offline calibration}
W_{0}(n) = \frac{H(n)}{C} \cdot T_{sys}
R_{0}(n) = \displaystyle\sum\limits_{i=0}^{n}{W_{0}(i)} = \frac{T_{sys}}{C} \cdot \displaystyle\sum\limits_{i=0}^{n}{H(i)}
\subsection{Online calibration}
R(n) = \frac{f_{0}}{f} \cdot R_{0}(n)
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