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\subsection{Synthesis and physical implementation}
\subsubsection{False timing paths}
The calibration selection signal is driven synchronously by the controller, and the output of the multiplexer goes through the delay line before being recaptured synchronously by the input flip-flops. The automatic place and route tool incorrectly assumes this is a regular synchronous path. Since the delay line is always longer than a clock period, it aborts with a message saying that the components delays alone exceed the timing constraints. The problem is resolved by adding ``timing ignore'' (TIG) constraints into the UCF file, using a syntax based on the example below:
NET "cmp_channelbank/g_channels[0].cmp_channel/muxed_signal" TIG;
One such constraint must be added per channel, and the number ``0'' incremented accordingly.
\subsubsection{Delay line placement}
The delay line must be placed in a way that minimizes the delay from the input signals IOBs. The reason is that this delay is affected by PVT variations that are not compensated for.
\subsubsection{Ring oscillator placement}
To be most effective, the ring oscillator must be placed close to the delay line of the same channel.
\section{Host interface module}
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