Commit 566559f0 authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

[hdl] update submodules to new OHWR and point to latest stable commits

parent bbe9114e
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/general-cores"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/general-cores
url = git://
url =
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/vme64x-core"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/vme64x-core
url = git://
url =
Subproject commit e848b421868886e0d539a24c4978e62b0e48f2f2
Subproject commit ca0ce6cee6685f478eb33fa79bed5b144bba9586
Subproject commit b2fc3ce76485404f831d15f7ce31fdde08e234d5
Subproject commit 1204aeca29ec3c72b6fa615976f000c664c7d152
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