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programming application FPGA
:Author: Federico Vaga <>
:organization: CERN
:Date: 2017-10-12
:Copyright: GNU GPL, version 2 or any later version
:Version: 0.5
:Manual section: 4
:Manual group: CERN BECOHT Toolkit
The file ``/dev/svec.[0-N]`` is a character device, usually of mode 0440
and owner root:root. The number ``[0-N]`` represents a *SVEC Module* instance.
It is used to program the *Application FPGA* of a `SVEC module`_ on the VME bus.
The programming procedure consists in taking an FPGA bit-stream from the user
and writing it in the Application FPGA on the SVEC Module until
the user close the device.
Once the device has been closed the Application FPGA become active and,
if valid, it will run the FPGA bit-stream provided by the user.
In order to prevent accidental programming, the Application FPGA programming
procedure is protected by the sysfs attribute ``AFPGA/lock``, usually of mode
0644 and onwer root:root. On read it returns a string representing the current
locking status. On write it accepts only the string "unlock" to unlock
the programming procedure. Once the programming procedure has been unlocked
there is no way to lock it again.
The complete programming procedure is:
#. unlock the programming procedure by writing "unlock" in ``AFPGA/lock``
#. write the FPGA bit-stream in the character device ``/dev/svec.<N>``
Once the programming procedure terminates, the SVEC device instance is not
valid anymore. The new Application FPGA represents a new SVEC device
instance, so the SVEC device instance used to program the FPGA must be removed
and the user must load a new SVEC device instance.
.. _`SVEC module`:
.. code:: sh
echo "unlock" > /sys/bus/vme/devices/vme.8/svec/svec.8/AFPGA/lock
dd if=/path/to/bitstream.bin of=/dev/svec.8
.. code:: sh
echo "unlock" > /sys/bus/vme/devices/vme.8/svec/svec.8/AFPGA/lock
cat /path/to/bitstream.bin > /dev/svec.8
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