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doc: clarify installation procedure

Signed-off-by: Federico Vaga's avatarFederico Vaga <>
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......@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ SVEC FMC Carrier
that all components cooperate correctly. It also provides the support
for FPGA programming through the `FPGA manager interface`_.
.. note::
At CERN we use CentOS 7 and its kernel does not provide the FPGA manager. To
solve the problem we provide an `FPGA manager backport`_
If the SVEC based application is using the :ref:`SVEC
base<svec_hdl_svec_base>` component then it can profit from the
following driver. They are not all mandatory, it depends on the
......@@ -51,6 +55,7 @@ VIC
.. _`SVEC project`:
.. _`FMC`:
.. _`FPGA manager interface`:
.. _`FPGA manager backport`:
.. _`DMA Engine`:
.. _`general cores`:
......@@ -69,6 +74,10 @@ variable ``CHEBY``. Following an example on how to build the driver.::
# define CHEBY only if it is not installed
export CHEBY=/path/to/cheby/proto/
export FMC=/path/to/fmc-sw
export FPGA_MGR=/path/to/fpga-mgr
export SPI=/path/to/general-cores/software/spi-ocores
export I2C=/path/to/general-cores/software/i2c-ocores
cd /path/to/svec/
make -C software/kernel modules
make -C software/kernel modules_install
......@@ -82,10 +91,10 @@ This will build and install 1 driver:
find software -name "*.ko"
Please note that this will not install all soft dependencies which are
Please note that this will not install all dependencies which are
distributed separately (:ref:`I2C OpenCore<i2c_ocore>`,
:ref:`SPI OpenCore<spi_ocore>`, :ref:`HT Vector Interrupt Controller<vic>`,
`FMC`_, `FPGA manager backport`_).
.. _`cheby`:
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