Commit a446c8e6 authored by Federico Vaga's avatar Federico Vaga

Merge tag 'v2.1.0' into develop

2.1.0 - 2020-11-09
- hdl: cross-page DMA failure
- sw: DMA pool memory leak
- sw: fix concurrent DMA tasklet

- tst: keep the DMA interface open while testing to avoid continuos
  memory re-allocation

- sw: tool to firmware version inspection
- sw: FLASH partitions
parents 71893691 061bbd7e
-include Makefile.specific
-include $(REPO_PARENT)/
DIRS = kernel
DIRS = kernel tools
.PHONY: all clean modules install modules_install coccicheck $(DIRS)
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ all: $(TOOLS)
@$(MAKE) -C $(LIB) $@
rm -f $(TOOLS)
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