Commit 08df32bd authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

[hdl] restore lost references to git submodules

parent abbf3bf6
......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
- [hdl] restore lost references to git submodules
[1.4.3] - 2019-10-17
Subproject commit 1a1293900e6334bc41251ee84d0ae7d19980e584
Subproject commit be61ce73a43d0231e8edc2f12133b918e3d1c9e4
Subproject commit 91d5eface7608d306991d2c1aa4e6f5210e9305c
Subproject commit 25deb51759cf467df4fdeeca3bd10e4e793f71ca
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