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    sdbfs/userspace/sdb-read: fix address display for inner levels · 6bac58be
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    This finally allows me to look at the content of an FPGA:
      wrs# sdb-read -l -e 0x70000 -m 0x100000@0x10000000 /dev/mem
      /tmp2/sdb-read: listing format is to be defined
      0000000000000651:e6a542c9 @ 00000000-0007ffff WB4-Crossbar-GSI
      0000000000000651:eef0b198 @ 00000000-0001ffff WB4-Bridge-GSI
      0000000000000651:e6a542c9 @ 00000000-0001ffff   WB4-Crossbar-GSI
      000000000000ce42:66cfeb52 @ 00000000-0000ffff   WB4-BlockRAM
      000000000000ce42:e2d13d04 @ 00010000-000100ff   WR-Periph-UART
      000000000000ce42:65158dc0 @ 00010100-000101ff   WR-Soft-PLL
      000000000000ce42:e503947e @ 00010200-0001021f   WB-SPI.Control
      000000000000ce42:441c5143 @ 00010300-000103ff   WB-GPIO-Port
      000000000000ce42:57494266 @ 00010400-000104ff   WB Simple Timer
      000000000000ce42:de0d8ced @ 00010500-000105ff   WR-PPS-Generator
      000000000000ce42:ba07b9d3 @ 00020000-0002ffff WRSW NIC
      0000000000000651:eef0b198 @ 00030000-00037fff WB4-Bridge-GSI
      0000000000000651:e6a542c9 @ 00030000-00037fff   WB4-Crossbar-GSI
      000000000000ce42:650c2d4f @ 00030000-000300ff   WR-Endpoint
      000000000000ce42:650c2d4f @ 00030400-000304ff   WR-Endpoint
      000000000000ce42:650c2d4f @ 00030800-000308ff   WR-Endpoint
      000000000000ce42:650c2d4f @ 00030c00-00030cff   WR-Endpoint
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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