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FPGA Configuration Space, a.k.a. Self Describing Bus

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[Updated as of 2013-03, right before release 1.1 of the specification]

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This project hosts the SDB specification and related material:

docs/specification: the actual specification for SDB. The generated pdf
     for official releases is always placed in the "Files" tab of the ohwr
     project (

pcie-wb: a driver by Wesley, for two different FPGA carriers. It was
     born as a separate project and then merged here, since it's very
     relevant to SDB.

sdbfs: sdb "filesystem" work. Includes "gensdbfs", to generate rom images.
     sdbfs/doc includes documentation for this project.  Again, it used
     to be a separate project, but it's now merged.

We kept some previous work:

historic/fosdem2012: the presentation by Manohar Vanga, made at
    FOSDEM.  The current data structures are very different from what
    was planned back then, so this is mainly of historical value.

historic/driver: previous work by Manohar, most likely to be removed
    at this point because it is based on the older data structures,
    that were not implemented in gateware.